How Long Should Your New Roof Last in San Antonio TX?

When you work with a local roofing company to install a new roof, you need to know about how long it will last. Some people install a roof thinking that it will still be around when their grandkids are grown up, but the roof still needs service and maintenance to keep it in good condition. Read more to learn what can be done to help maximize the life cycle of your roof.

How Long Does A Roof Last in San Antonio Texas?


A traditional roof is meant to last for 30 years. The 30-year roof is an American standard that people learn as kids. You might have learned about this when your parents installed a new roof, but some roofs are meant to last for only 20 years. You can gauge your investment against how long you will be in the house, the cost of the roof, and the style that you prefer.

Ask your roofing contractor which roof they recommend for your home. You may discover that a 20-year roof is more appropriate for your situation. You may also discover that some homes need a 30-year roof because you plan to rent them or live in them for only part of the year.

What If You Live In A Coastal Or Storm-Ridden Area?

If you live in a coastal area or a storm-ridden area, you may need to order a roof that will last for 30 years and has special parts. You need the reassurance that the roof will hold up for as long as possible. When you live in a coastal area, you are likely to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes at some point in the next 30 years. If you live in an area that is prone to storms or tornadoes, you may prefer a more durable roof provided that it is affordable.

How Can You Inspect Your Own Roof?

You can inspect your own roof to ensure that it is not damaged or covered in debris. If you circle your home once a week, you can see any spots where you might have damage. You should also walk to the street so that you can see any damage that may have occurred on the higher parts of the roof.

If you notice any damage at all, you should contact roofers who can come to your home for roof repair services. You do not want to try to repair the roof on your own. Your roof is very difficult to climb and traverse. You may not have the proper tools or parts, and you may not have the appropriate safety gear. When you call a roofer, send them pictures of the damage you have found.

How Can Service Or Maintenance Make Your Roof Last Longer?

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Service and maintenance will help you keep your roof in good condition for longer periods of time. When the roof is inspected, the roofing professional you meet will take pictures, write up a punch list, and explain how these problems might have occurred. You can decide what you want to repair today, and you can put off repairs that might be too expensive.

You should work with your roofer to ensure that you can repair all the minor issues with the roof as soon as possible. The roofer has all the parts and supplies on the truck, and they can even help you understand how to avoid these issues in the future.

A roof that was meant to last 30 years might last 35 years if you have taken care of the structure. You are giving yourself a little bit more time to consider replacing the roof, and you will avoid further damage if another storm passes through the area. Preparedness is very important when you are trying to keep your roof in good condition.

When Should You Call A Roofing Professional?

You should call a roofing professional as soon as possible. You may suspect that you have issues with your roof, and you need to solve those problems as soon as possible. You can take pictures to send to the roofer in the interim, or you can ask for emergency service if you have just experienced a major storm. You can also ask your roofer how they would deal with the insurance company. In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance will pay for roof repairs, and your roofer can coordinate with you to make sure that you get an estimate to offer to the adjuster. All these little things ensure that your roof can last much longer.